Holiday Workout & Survival

Wow! We're only 11 days away from Christmas. We just put our Christmas tree up yesterday so I feel like the excitement is starting to kick in. Perhaps it was the late start (although shockingly cold start) to winter that has me feeling a little delayed in my Holiday enthusiasm. 

My clients know that although I promote healthy eating and exercise as a lifestyle I don't promote a strict and unforgiving routine. I'm a firm believer that life is too short to miss out on the fun...and the Holidays are certainly no exception to this. You need to have realistic expectations and goals for yourself that way you don't derail yourself, but you need to allow for some wiggle room.

The Holiday Workout

As promised - here is the Holiday Workout that my clients and friends completed at the beginning of December. Get your timer out and get ready to sweat! This workout is 45 minutes long (although that included me showing everyone how to do each exercise) so you'll likely get through this even faster (40 mins). 

This workout could be done at home. If you're totally new to training you might even find you don't need any added weight. If you're at home and looking for a little resistance a heavy textbook could do the trick (...any nurses have a Med-Surg textbook kicking around!?) The goal is to reach failure throughout the various exercises so make sure you're pushing yourself hard enough. You should be out of breath!

Not sure how to do something? Comment below and I'll post the exercise!

How to complete this workout:

  • Follow the numbers 1 through 5 (i.e. complete circuit #2 before proceeding to circuit #3...and so on). 
  • Complete each circuit 3 times and rest for 60 seconds in between each round. Rest 60 seconds before proceeding on to the next circuit. 
  • Equipment needed: a plate (most used a 25lb plate - but you can use as much as a 45 lbs plate). 

My Guide for Holiday Survival

  1. Don't skip your workouts. Seriously, get something in. Your workouts can be shorter, but never non-existent. It does your body and your mind so much good to get your heart rate up and to get yourself sweating a little. 
  2. Go for the 80/20 rule during the Holidays. Look at the week ahead of you and highlight all of the times where you have work parties, family dinners, drinks with friends etc.  If you eat 5x a day that's a total of 35 meals a week. If 80% of your meals are BANG ON healthy then you can get away with 7 'treats' a week. Please note: A treat doesn't mean 7 turkey dinners a week - use your common sense. One of the meals (maximum) can be a full on Christmas dinner. Otherwise a glass of eggnog, a couple of cookies or a few scoops of taco dip all count as treats. After the Holidays the 80/20 rule can stay, but treats are much smaller.
  3. Drink lots of water. I've said it before and I'll say it again - bottoms up!
  4. Watch the sugar. This isn't a post about the negative effects of sugar, so I won't go into the infinite reasons to avoid and reduce your sugar. Enjoying a sugary treat (or two!) after Christmas dinner is one thing, but gorging on treats every time they're in eyesight will leave you crashing...and craving even more junk!
  5. Avoid standing beside the snacks. Grab a plate and put your snacks/appetizers on your plate that way you can see how much you're eating. It's so easy to go overboard when you're standing beside the cheeseball.
  6. Get over it. It comes once a year. Enjoy yourself and move on. 

 A Little Holiday Humor

Because I wanted to include these little gems...

Remember to enjoy yourself and the time spent with family over this Holiday season. 

Feel free to give me your feedback and let me know how the workout went for you!