The Beginning of Emerge Fitness

I never imagined personal training while studying late at night during nursing school. I never planned to start a business and write a blog while I was busy memorizing medications and learning how to insert IVs. Here is my story – here is my ‘why’.

My name is Danielle – I’ve been an emergency nurse in Winnipeg for two and a half years and have been involved in the fitness industry for over five years. It was while I was in nursing school, learning about the health of others’, that I began to take my own health seriously. I initially started working out with fitness magazines as my guide and eventually upped the ante to training for bodybuilding competitions. I have now competed four times and have earned my IDFA Pro card. Competing was initially a way of improving my health and physique, but has now become a way of challenging myself and growing not only as an athlete, but as a person.

I have noticed many around me complain about ‘needing to work out’, complaining about calories, complaining about lack of results and frustration with going to the gym. ‘Dieting’ and ‘burning calories’ has become a demoralizing process for many. What if it didn’t need to be that way? What if you could discover how to love the process? Here enters my ‘why’ – not only do I want to help people achieve their goals, but I want to do it in a way that helps them grow and helps them discover how amazing a healthy lifestyle can be. I want to help others discover that when you stop focusing on how your body LOOKS and instead focus on how your body PERFORMS you can not only transform your appearance, but spend your days feeling strong and empowered.

Enough of the yo-yo dieting. Enough binge eating. Enough body dysmorphia.

It is time for healthy. It is time for strong. It is time to emerge.

Thank you for reading.


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