How Bad Do You Want It?


I can't even tell you how many times I've listened to this video - easily 100+. I say 'listened' and not 'watched' because I would play it in my car while driving to the gym. There were days that working towards my goal was so hard I considered quitting. There were days that I would have this on repeat as I drove straight to the gym after a night shift. There were many days that I would struggle through my sprints with this blaring in my ears. I would remind myself that I was doing what others were not willing to do.  

I never skipped a workout.

I never skipped a rep.

I never stopped when it got hard. 

If this video doesn't make your heart beat harder and your lungs breathe faster than you haven't found what you want to work towards. Perhaps you've thought of things you'd like to do, but assume you won't be able to. Perhaps  you've thought of changing jobs, training for a triathlon or moving to Europe, but let naysayers rob you of your passion. All of these goals are made so much harder if you do not know what your goal is and if you do not believe that you can achieve it.

This is the difference between those who have check marks on their bucket list and those who haven't even written their bucket list out. 

So decide now. Grab a pen and paper and decide on a goal. Decide that you are capable. Decide that you will be successful.

Just one thing...make sure you want it as bad as you want to breathe.  


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