Those Moments

Life is full of moments. Critical moments. Decisive moments. Moments where you have full control.  When faced with hardship or struggle - the decision is all yours. Do you keep going? Do you push through? Or do you pack it in and call it quits? These split second decisions are what steer us down different paths  in our lives.

These moments may seem small at the time, but don't be fooled. These moments are always compounding and growing. These moments slowly create the power that you carry with yourself and use to overcome other obstacles in your life. These moments can be as simple as pushing through that sticking point at the bottom of a squat or the last 100 meters of your sprint goal. Now you're thinking: "Danielle, there is no way my squatting or running is changing my life." Oh, but it is. It creates within you confidence and pride. It is now a memory of having overcome something that you can now use to tackle bigger things. In other words - "I did that, now I can do this." These moments are not just found in the gym, they are in our every day lives. These decisive moments are in our careers, our daily routine and those opportune chance meetings. Do you ask for a raise? Do you resonate confidence during your presentation? Do you speak up or introduce yourself? It is your chance to show up and turn the tides of your life. It is your chance to show what you're made of.

Think back to a decisive moment that you've been presented with where you backed down. What did you do and how did you feel? Did you try to overcome it and then opt to call it quits at the first sign of failure? And now, think of that feeling inside of you - the "should've", the "could've" and the "if only" thoughts begin to creep in. 

Or looking back at that moment do you recall pausing, gritting your teeth and pushing right back? Do you walk with your shoulders back, chin up and eye glowing with the fire inside of you.

Do you look around yourself happy that you did not leave one single stone unturned? If not, here is your critical moment. Your decisive moment. This moment right now, you have full control. 

Change it.  


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