Breakfast Casserole

"Eating a balanced breakfast helps you lose weight"...."Replace breakfast with tea"..."Eat carbs at breakfast to better fuel yourself"..."Avoid carbs at breakfast for better concentration"...THE LIST GOES ON! Seriously, how is anyone supposed to figure out 'healthy eating' when they're surrounded by people and magazines making new claims that debunk the claims they had in last month's magazine article. You can barely keep up. 

Here is what I believe: figure out what works best FOR YOU.

I promote balanced meals that fuel your body with quality nutrition and that are easy to maintain with today's busy life. I have quite a few of my clients journal their food along with their energy levels and mood that way we can track things and find the best plan for them.

I'm constantly playing around with my routine, sometimes not on purpose (hello, night shifts!). This means I'm always game to try a new health related claim. Right now, I'm giving a go to a wheat-free diet and am currently reading 'Wheat Belly'. I'll keep you posted.

 In the spirit of wheat-free I made this 'Paleo Breakfast Casserole' ( last week. I was a bit nervous based on the simplicity of the ingredients - just salt and pepper to season, but my husband really enjoyed this one. He's my biggest food critic, so if something passes his test than I know it's safe to share. The coconut oil makes it taste delicious.

I did make a few changes to the recipe since I need a little more sustenance:

  • I used 14 eggs instead of 12.
  • I increased the amount of sweet potato. Instead of using the required '1 large sweet potato', which I estimate at 150g, I used 600g of sweet potato.

This recipe has definitely been added to my usual breakfast arsenal -->

Nutritional information (1/6 of recipe): Carbs: 21.4 Protein: 26 Fat: 21 Cals: 226.5


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Happy Monday :)