Columbia Sportswear & Mud Hero

As some of you know I recently participated in an influencer campaign for Columbia Sportswear and Mud Hero. Below is a look at both and how the race day went. Prepare yourselves for some great pics!

Columbia Sportswear

I was excited to have the opportunity to represent this awesome company that not only creates fantastic gear, but also values community and the environment. For the influencer campaign I received a multitude of tops and bottoms to try during my training and the Mud Hero run. I also received a rain jacket, but haven't been able to give that one a go is summer so I don't feel too bad about that one!

The following Columbia Sportswear pics were taken by Laura P. - click here to see more of her incredible work. 

The clothing is all very functional (something I won't compromise on with workout gear) and easily translates from your early morning hike to your afternoon deadlift workout. PLUS, it has a great look so I'm happy to continue to wear it throughout the day. A bonus since I spend most of my days in workout gear.

LOVE the shorts. I also wore these shorts to the gym and did by my usual squat and deadlift workouts. Even though they're short they have an inner lining that keeps you well covered so there's nothing to distract you when you're at the bottom of your squat (i.e. no booty slips). They pass the squat test! 

The leggings are awesome - they stay nice and snug to your waist as you're moving, so you never have to hike them up mid workout. They also have a stash pocket at the back so you can be hands free and reflective details to keep you safe on evening jaunts.

As for all of my time spent outdoors? The long sleeve shirt has UPF 30 sun protection so I can have fun without worrying too much about my sun exposure (something a bit more dear to me these days). 

You can check out the following links to learn more about the company and see their clothing being #testedtough --> Columbia Sportswear's Instagram and Facebook

Mud Hero

I ran the Mud Hero race in Winnipeg on July 23rd. We were the first run of the day, which means an early start...not too early though that I couldn't grab my Starbucks coffee before hitting the road. Finding the location of the run and parking was easy with a multitude of signs pointing us in the right direction. Volunteers are everywhere and easy to spot so have no fear if you have questions. Everything about the run was well coordinated.

The Run

6 km and 18+ obstacles...sounds like a good time? Trust me it is!

The 6 km run is broken up by the obstacles, which makes the run itself fly by. Know that 6 km on a trail is more difficult than running 6 km on a treadmill or track. Trail running adds a whole other element of fun to the run ("WATCH THAT BRANCH!"). The obstacles are fun - some hilariously dirty and others test your grit with a bit of heart pounding adrenaline. Every now and then you'll meet an obstacle you've never done before and might even doubt yourself....DON'T! If you bring a mentality of 'only way to the finish line is to tackle this' I promise you that you will be fine...AND proud that you've completed something you never thought you would.

The crew: clean and smiling right before the race started

The crew: clean and smiling right before the race started

Swamp runs and frog spas are exactly as you'd expect...DIRTY. After your first time completely immersing your body in muddy water and stepping in thick mud you'll completely forget about trying to stay clean. Before long you'll be making your 8-year-old self smile. C'mon, how often do we get the chance to do that?!

The ropes 'n slopes is a fun challenge...dig your heels in and lean back when using the ropes to get up. I apparently couldn't figure out how to do this for the way back down...who needs the rope when you can just slide down? 

The Hero Walls can be intimidating when you first come up to them, but no need to go running for the hills. There are walls of varying difficulty (easy, medium, hard) so you can test your abilities no matter what level of training you have. Know that upper body strength will go a long way here. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of us completing this obstacle, but once you've completed it you might just find yourself eyeing up your backyard fence...especially if your neighbour has a pool ;)

Oh, the Columbia slide! I had to save this one for last because we had such a good time laughing at ourselves over this one. The slide looks like a good time when you see it from the start of the race and then you make your way to the top....I think our faces say it all! We're smiling afterwards though so that's a good sign.

Crossing the finish line! Mud Hero is all about a good time and has a Mud Bash afterwards with live bands, a BBQ and beers. Yes, even the personal trainer in me will tell you to enjoy yourself and celebrate with friends. Have fun!

Obstacle Course Race lesson of the day: "The true test of a champion is not whether he can triumph, but whether he can overcome obstacles" (Garth Stein). 

The crew: dirty, but still smiling

The crew: dirty, but still smiling

Check out Mud Hero's Facebook and Instagram to learn more and sign up for next year.


Thank you to Columbia Sportswear for the awesome gear. I can't wait to continue training in it.

Thank you to Mud Hero for putting on an awesome run - you'll see us again next year!


Feel free to give me your feedback, share or comment below. :)