The Year of Self-Love

Welcome to 2017! You're one week in and thriving (hopefully).

I think that we all find it refreshing to come into a new year. Regardless if you consciously put effort towards reaching a New Year's resolution or decide instead to just continue on your current path to self-improvement the new year offers up the opportunity to restart or, at the very least, acts as a little motivation.

The most common New Year's resolution is to lose weight and eat healthier, which is also the most commonly failed resolution. All too often the reasoning behind wanting to lose weight and eat healthier is to look a certain way. Most people take on this resolution in the hopes of changing what they look like. I believe that that is the biggest reason weight loss resolutions fail - they come from a place of wanting to change the way we look. 

 Goals That Suck

My clients already know the types of goals that I promote. I make it clear with everyone that I support goals that are skill, ability and health-based. I do not promote appearance based goals. Some do need to lose weight for health reasons, but I prefer that everyone mentally focus on other goals. The weight will come off when you're working hard!

I have a couple of reasons for this:

  1. If you don't reach your aesthetic goal of 'x' number of pounds lost or fitting into 'x' dress size than you have failed. You lose sight of the small successes throughout your journey.
  2. If you do reach your aesthetic goal than I can almost guarantee that it will not be good enough. You'll say that you're happy with having lost the weight, but after having motivated yourself with your appearance it will be a struggle to remove yourself from that way of thinking. 

 They both place you in a constant tug-a-war with your appearance. 

Devoting This Year To You

This year, I want to encourage you all to take a different approach with setting goals and resolutions. Instead of your goals being based on a dislike towards yourself (or 'x' body part), choose to instead base your goals on showing yourself some love. Choose resolutions that inspire and empower you. Yes, choose goals that make you healthier, but not for the purpose of having a smaller waist or slimmer thighs. 

Choose goals that make your entire being healthy.


My Resolutions for a Healthy & Self-Loving 2017

1. Try something new. 


Bodybuilding was a piece of cake compared to all of the new things I've been trying over the past year. It has been both scary and exhilarating to place myself in situations where I do not know what to expect. You will learn so much more about yourself by allowing these new adventures into your life. 

2. Make weight training and cardiovascular training goals.

Help shift your focus away from your appearance by creating goals that motivate and help steer your training. Find a training journal, write your goals down and get to work. Create a routine that is based around trying to attain those goals. Yes, there will be days where it is frustrating (watch the video), but one day you'll be able to look back and see how much you've improved. You'll learn to respect yourself and others based on effort and not appearance.

The days of stepping on the scale and measuring your body fat will be a thing of the past (a very scary past). I gladly said goodbye to those days a while ago. 

3. Work to optimize your performance through mobility work, stretching and yoga.

This part is often left out by a lot of gym-goers. Unfortunately, ignoring your flexibility and mobility will lead to injury. This gives you a moment to hone in on your body's strengths and weaknesses. This not only offers your body a little TLC, but also your mind. The moments spent silently working on listening to your body will work wonders. That is showing yourself some love. 

4. Choose food that fuels your journey. 

Instead of always focusing on what food will make you look like try focusing on how that food will make you perform and feel. Devoting a year of healthy foods to your body will give you undeniable rewards. I steer the majority of my clients away from calorie and macro counting because I have discovered that a healthy and athletic body is possible without the hassle. I believe that when you provide your body wholesome, natural foods you can learn to intuitively fuel your body according to your goals.

Another part of self-love? Learning to get over the cheats or treats that sneak their way in. Seriously. It's not worth the punishment. It's not worth the guilt. Move on.  

Life Will Go On

Life will go on whether you make positive changes or not. Life won't stop because you're spending time standing on the scale, pinching your fat and over-analyzing every morsel of food you eat. Don't waste another year caught up in a pattern of self-destruction. I can gladly say that events in life forced me to analyze where I was spending my time and energy. Although I would not wish my medical history on anyone, I am happy to have lived it as it has changed the way I will live my life.

Bring on 2017!! Here is to devoting a year (and hopefully the rest of your years) to loving yourself. 

Thank you for reading! As always, feedback and comments are always welcome.  I'd love to hear what your goals are for the year.