Rower Workout

Looking to shake up your training for the month of March?

I've got the perfect workout for you. This workout is a killer combination of full-body conditioning and upper body strength building. This workout will take you 15-20 minutes. The length of the workout depends on how quickly you can complete the 500 meter rows.  

The best part of this workout? You only need one piece of equipment - the rower. I've been eyeing up the Concept 2 rower at Brickhouse for a little while now and have been thinking of different ways to put it to use. I've tried a few different styles of circuit training, but wanted to bring to you a workout that didn't require any other equipment.

What makes the rower so great? It's a low-impact way to improve your cardiovascular endurance all while building full-body strength. If you're totally new to rowing I recommend that you complete a handful of rower only cardiovascular training sessions that way you learn not only how to use it, but also how to pace yourself. This piece of equipment is tough!

The Workout

Watch the Workout

You're going to be completing 4 rounds of the following circuit:

  1. 500 meter row,
  2. 10 pike push-ups,
  3. 10 pike crunches and
  4. 10 push-ups.

When you complete your first round of all 4 exercises hop right back on to the rower to start your next 500 meter row (i.e. round 2). 

Download the Workout

Save and print off this 'Rower Workout' tracker. You can write down the amount of time this workout takes you at the bottom. Try to beat your time each workout! ------->

The Exercises

500 meter row

If you're anything like me you're going to be tempted to go pedal to the metal for your first 500 meters. Unfortunately, if you do this you will have compromised your ability to recover and will struggle to continue with the rest of the workout. Instead, choose a pace that gets you out of breathe, but doesn't leave you laying on the ground panting. 

Tip: Drive through your legs and finish off the pull with your back and arms. If you aren't driving through your legs enough you'll quickly tire out your upper body. 

Pike Push-Ups

Pike push-ups are an inverted overhead press. The higher your butt is in the air the more difficult the exercise. Place your hands wider than shoulder width and then activate your shoulders to lower your head down to the ground. Try to tap the ground with the top of your head. Press through your hands to extend your arms and lift your body back up while maintaining as steep of an angle as possible (done by stacking your hips over your shoulders).

Tip: If having your feet elevated makes this exercise too difficult then complete this movement with your feet on the ground.

Pike Crunches

You won't even need to move your hands in order to transition from the pike push-up to the pike crunches. Allow your feet to slide back into a plank position.  Once you're fully extended activate your core to 'drag' your feet towards your body and raise your butt into the air. Try to bring your hips almost directly over your shoulders.

Tip: Breathe out as your contract your abdominal muscles. This will help you better activate your core.


Place your hands almost directly under your shoulders (or slightly wider) and extend your feet straight out behind you. This will create a high plank position. While keeping your elbows tucked along side your body lower your chest to the ground. Press through the palms of your hands to extend your arms and return to a high plank position.

Tip: Keep a tight core throughout your push-up! This will prevent your lower back from sagging.

Want to add more to this workout? 

Complete 4 sets of either heavy chest press or pull-ups prior to starting the rower workout. 

Let me know how this workout goes for you!

Thank you for reading. As always, feel free to comment and share. 

Happy training!