Zeballos, BC


I'm back from another trip out west! This assignment was an urgent need. I received confirmation that I was leaving by plane the morning of the 28th while I warming up at Crossfit on the evening of the 27th (talk about last minute!).  I'm thinking I should pre-pack some luggage. 

This is a solo nurse clinic, which means that it was just me and a clerk.  Due to a strange turn of events there was no nurse to orientate me when I arrived. I found this out once I walked through the front doors of the clinic. Please know that this is not the usual. The sites for the various work assignments try their best to orientate agency nurses, but I've learned that doing this you need to be prepared for anything. With a few deep breaths, I began orientating myself (aka. open the cupboards and see what you're working with). Throughout my time there I had nurses from various sites across the island call me to say that if I needed anything I shouldn't hesitate to call them ("we're all here for ya, mate!"). 


This 'trauma record' gave me a laugh.

Nurse 1? Danielle.

Nurse 2? Danielle.

Nurse 3? Danielle.

I had visions of trying for two large bore IVs, maintaining a jaw thrust with bag-valve-mask and charting on this record ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

Yup. If you're a nurse your eyes probably just bugged out a bit. Fortunately, this did not happen while I was there. 


The nursing side of this trip was great. I had two sick patients that required transport and otherwise saw more urgent care type entrance complaints (URTI, lacerations, medication requests etc). This is a great facility to work out of and having a clerk by my side was very helpful. Any clerks that currently work with me know that I'm BRUTAL at working the photocopier/fax machine (anyone want 7250 photocopies??). 


Click on map

Click on map

Zeballos is a small village with a population of 107 people. It is located on the northwest coast of Vancouver Island. Zeballos boomed back in the '30s when miners struck gold. Gold mining only lasted about 20 years. Nowadays, Zeballos economy comes from logging, ecotourism and fishing. There are two First Nation reserves in the neighbouring areas: Oculcje and Ehatis. Ehatis is only a couple of minutes from the Zeballos Treatment Centre. The majority of the locals work for logging companies. 

Seeing as I was in Zeballos in December/January, I was told that I was there in 'off-season'. There is a liquor mart, a convenience store and a restaurant (the latter was closed for the winter). There is also an inn and a lodge, which were still in use. 

Here are some of my favorite pictures...


Campbell River

I only passed through Campbell River while travelling. This is where the closest airport to Zabellos is located. I'd spotted FoggDuckers Coffee (find link here) at the beginning of my trip and knew that I wanted to return on my way back home. It's eclectic and nautical in appearance, but appears to be a favorite with locals. The coffee was great and the views are even more spectacular. Definitely recommend this place!


My weekends were spent doing as much site-seeing as possible. I visited the Huson Caves, the Woss Lookout trail and Port McNeill.

The Huson Caves

Woss Lookout

I couldn't complete this trail because it was already later in the day. I'll pretend like it wasn't the bear tracks that had me high-tailing it out of there. 

Port McNeill


Being that Port McNeill is only 1 hour and 40 minutes away from Zeballos, it is the nearest hospital, which is why I wanted to go check it out. With a population of 2500, there are a few more amenities. This is a popular site for whale watching and adventure hiking, but since I was there in 'off-season' most of the tours and restaurants were closed or had weird hours. I count myself lucky for having been witness to the World's Largest Burl :). I would love to go back and do a tour. A popular one is Sea Wolf Adventures

Thanks for reading!