Recipes [Minus the Diet Talk]

Creating a positive relationship with food can be tough when most of the available resources regarding food talk about dieting. There always seems to be some mention of calories, meal timing, fasting, carb intake, high fat vs. low fat…blah blah blah. It took me quite some time to get to a place where I viewed food as nutrition (good for you), fuel (energy for the day) and happiness (that’s not a bad thing!). If you’re working to create a healthier relationship with food it requires time and patience. Your inner dialogue or self-talk needs to be constantly under review (“check yo self before you wreck yo self…” - thanks Ice Cube). Although I consider my relationship with food as ‘healthy’ I’m aware of when that ugly diet talk rears its ugly head. If someone mentions something like “keto diet” I’ll catch myself wondering about my carb/fat intake. If someone talks about not eating before bed I’ll catch myself thinking about the HUGE bowl of popcorn I ate before falling asleep.

You probably just thought about it yourself.

See what I mean?

Our relationship with food ebbs and flows depending on who and what we surround ourselves with. I have chosen to be selective with what enters my little bubble. You should be too. I continue to want to put resources/blog posts out there that others can turn to for meal ideas minus the diet talk. I might make a habit of this. We’ll see! Let’s just start off with two recipes for now.

The Best Turkey Chili from Ambitious Kitchen

This is a delicious and easy chili recipe. I’ve made this one quite a few times. I double the recipe and cook it in my slow cooker. If you too decide to use your slow cooker you’re going to need to cook up the turkey and onions in a pan PRIOR to throwing them into the slow cooker. Also, reduce the amount of chicken broth.

I split the chili up into a few containers and freeze it for easy, pre-made meals for weeks to come.


Tip: There’s a whollotta diet talk in this one (-_-), so scroll straight down to the actual recipe ingredients/instructions.

turkey chili_mine.jpg

Sweet Potato Chickpea Buddha Bowl from Minimalist Baker

Okay so, I LOVE bowls. Burrito bowls. Breakfast bowls. A bowl of ice cream. You get the idea.

Anyways, there is something downright intimidating about a vegetarian/vegan bowl. They have a tendency to be complicated and include far too many ingredients. This recipe was simple enough. This buddha bowl boasts roasted vegetables, pan fried chickpeas and a creamy sauce. I found that this recipe made the perfect amount to last 3 days. I added all of the ingredients into Tupperware containers and it was more delicious each time I ate it.

Tip: I added red peppers to my second batch. Do it! They’ll give a boost to nutrients and add a zing.


buddha bowl 2.jpg
roasted veggies.jpg
buddha bowl.jpg

If you have any thoughts about creating a space that is free of diet talk please share! I’ll likely share more about this in the near future. Because, who wants to be reminded of how much fat is in an avocado when they’re looking at a guacamole recipe?! PUH-lease.

Thanks for reading!