What Auctus Is...

It is with very heavy hearts that my husband and I have had to say goodbye to our Auctus crew. You'd never think that leaving a gym would be as hard as this. I have dreaded the moment I would leave and somehow it has come and gone in the blink of an eye.

Going to the gym is a chore for many. Something that they force themselves to do. They wait for the calories on the treadmill to tell them that they're done. They wait for the clock on the wall to set them free. No wonder the vast majority dislike going to the gym... I can’t blame them.

Now, I can't speak for other gyms or other boxes, but I can speak for Auctus. It is so much more than just a gym. What is gained by its members goes beyond calories burned and minutes spent on a treadmill.


What Auctus Is...  

A group of people who will cheer when 5 lbs is added to a PR. 

A group of people who will high five on the good days and give pats on the back on bad days.  


A group of people who will get more psyched for others' gaining a new skill than for themselves.

A group of people who respect effort even when it means failure. 


A group of people who care if you quit.

A group of people who care if you show up.  

A group of people who go beyond the gym and celebrate life's events. They congratulate births, graduations and new careers. They support one another through daily struggles and life's hardships. 

A group of people who secretly enjoy tackling tough workouts together.


These are the people who see the best and worst of you. These are the people who see what kind of person you are when things get tough.  

People at Auctus are catching onto something: you get better when those around you get better. 


I think that's the whole point. This is what we're supposed to do as humans. Struggle together. Support and motivate one another. Celebrate one another. Yea, sure Auctus members are getting better at squats and pull-ups and running, but even more important than that... they're becoming better humans.   

A community of humans who try everyday to be better.

And if you’re lucky enough, this group of people will help you grow and make you brave with your life.

I guess that’s what happened.

Bye Auctus! <3