Camping 2018

Well, with us about to leave Winnipeg I decided to take a look at the camping that we did throughout this past summer. I can barely believe all of the camping we were able to squeeze into this summer between all of our house renos and packing. We were finally able to put our new (new to us, not actually new) camper to use, which we'd purchased last fall. The hardtop trailer is 100% worth it! We're saving so much time with set-up, plus since I ca store camping items in the camper my 'packing' has also been made easier. We're very happy with it! 


We started out our camping season in Birds Hill. What a great little place. It's so close to Winnipeg that you really can't go wrong. There are plenty of trails of various difficulties. Plus, it's the location of Pineridge Hollow, which gives it quite a few brownie points. We did have a little hiccup however...("Honey! Where is the awning?!"...LOL). 

Our longest camping trip was Clear Lake. We spent a little over a week there, but with a small town a short walk or bike ride away from the campground it's easy to stay occupied. There are a couple of trails from the townsite, but the majority of the hikes require a bit of a drive. Since we were out there for Canada Day we watched celebrations for 150 new Canadian citizens. One thing to note here - there are bears!! I initially laughed a bit at a neighbouring campsite blowing away on their danger whistle, up until I heard them yelling "mama bear and her two cubs!". YIKES! Ruuuunnnnnn!!!

Another weekend was spent at the St. Malo Campground. Neither of us have ever camped in St. Malo, but this was by far our favourite camp site of the summer. There are two different campgrounds here. One is wide-open and ideal for large groups and gatherings. The other campground is more private and has separate sites. Our site was the latter and we really enjoyed it. This campground is close to home and has two beaches - 100% recommend! 

We spent a weekend camping in Nopiming Provincial Park with my brother-in-law Kyle and his dog Winston. We definitely had a full camper that weekend! The campground is well cared for and there are a couple of nearby trails to hike/bike. The campground has a bit of an odd set-up with the water being fairly far away. This is a campground more tailored for boaters. 


We stayed in Sandy Hook because Paul was partaking in the MS Bike Tour. This campground is surprisingly large and has TONS of seasonal sites. It was neat taking a peek at how some set-up their campers and surrounding sites. This is a great campground for people with kids. There is a pool, volleyball court and soccer field. You would need to drive to the beach however as it's a little ways away. 


That's it, that's all folks! 

I'll keep you posted on our camping in B.C. :)