Short on time, but want to make sure you get in a great workout? This one is for you! Plus, it's easy to make substitutions depending on your abilities. This workout is a real butt-kicker and can be a workout on its own if you get a good warm-up prior. You could also include this workout as part of a training day. I completed heavy squats prior to this EMOM and then added a bit of accessory work at the end.  

How To Complete the Workout

Save this pic for your next workout

Save this pic for your next workout

'EMOM' stands for every minute on the minute. The beauty of EMOM workouts is that they have built in rest, which means that you should be working HARD. Your rest is coming! Every minute on the minute you will complete an exercise. For this workout you will be alternating between two exercises: thrusters and v-ups. Your workout would look something like this:

  • minute 0-1: complete 12 thrusters, rest for remaining minute
  • minute 1-2: complete 15 v-sups, rest for remaining minute
  • minute 2-3: complete 12 thrusters, rest for remaining minute
  • minute 3-4: complete 15 v-sup, rest for remaining minute
  • ....continue for the remaining 10 minutes...

Once you reach the end of minute 14 you'll have completed 7 rounds of each exercise. For the final minute of the workout (minute 14-15), complete as many burpees as possible! Focus yourself mentally to catch your breath after you last v-ups to prepare for the burpees.

Why The Burpees??

I know...I know...burpees at THE END of a workout?? It almost seems unfair... ;)

The reason for the last minute being an all-out, maximum number of burpees is that this helps you squeeze every little bit out of the workout AND helps build your mental strength. Just when you think the workout is over you're going to need to crank it up. This is the frame of mind that you need for races and competitions. You should try your best to complete every single burpee that you can. The fun really begins when you repeat this workout because you'll be working to use more weight for your thrusters and working to get in an extra burpee (or two). 


This is essentially a front squat with an overhead press once standing. The idea is to keep the movement explosive and ensure full extension of your hips and arms once standing. Doing this will help you 'pop' the  barbell up overhead. (For reference: I used a 65 lb barbell)

Substitution: complete this move with dumbbells instead of a barbell. 


This is a core exercise that requires you to use the entire front half of your body. You'll lay down with your arms extended up overhead. Contract your abdominal and explosively lift your legs while bringing your upperbody up off the ground. You arms can give you some momentum. You will create a v-shape at the top of the crunch, which is when you will reach with your hands for your legs. Ensure that you return to a full extension at the end of each v-up. 

Substitution: complete bicycle crunches (40 reps). 

Here is a look at my final round...

This is sped up of course, but it gives you an idea. I decided to bring my timer in front of me for the burpees that way I could see the countdown. There is nothing worse than trying to go to "all out" for an exercise and having to periodically search for the time...

The fact that the cover image is me red-faced, laying flat on my back hopefully entices you to try this one (haha). 

Let me know how this workout goes for you!

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Happy training!