Footprints On The Training World

It is officially December. I wasn't feeling that "Christmas-y" up until I wrote first sentence so cheers to that! I'm not sure where time has gone, but 2016 is on its way out (#byefelicia - you will NOT be missed). This is the time where most begin to evaluate the past year in hopes of bringing a "bigger & better" follow-up year. I hope that by sharing my reflections on my business that you will better understand me and the change that I want to create. 


My clients will already know that I encourage them to make athletic goals and take on athletic endeavors (Spartan Race summer 2017 anyone?!). I get excited when clients reach aesthetic goals (losing so many lbs), but it is not what I emphasize. My reason? Something amazing happens when stop focusing on what you look like and instead focus on what you're capable of. You feel alive and empowered. Life is too short to feel anything less than this.

 Heads up 2017 - we plan on making you a good one. 

As always, please feel free to comment and give feedback - it's always appreciated.