Life's Lessons: Loosen Your Bone, Wilma

I'm currently reading 'You Are A Badass' by Jen Sincero. There is a chapter called 'Loosen your Bone, Wilma'. In this chapter the author describes a bus ride she took in India from Agra to Delhi. She explains how exhausted she was from travelling and how she planned on sleeping for the entire bus ride. She went as far as paying extra money to secure an express bus that advertised no stops (a relief for the wary traveler). What she ended up getting was anything but rest and recuperation. The bus stopped to join every wedding celebration they passed, to allow every cow to cross the road and even welcomed men hollering in Hindi onto the bus causing passengers to erupt in cheers. She describes her initial irritation at having her her schedule derailed. At one point, the bus driver pulls over and waves for her and the other passengers to follow. She then finds herself visiting temples, chanting, dancing and tossing flowers in the air. Having assumed that the family awaiting her would be irritated by their disrupted schedule (it's 3am when she reaches her destination), she is surprised to find them awaiting her with a cup of tea in hand. 

I am someone who plans EVERYTHING.  Most of us are planners to some degree. We plan our current day and week to come. We plan how life should go. We're told that success comes from planning. We set forth a path that we want to follow...finish school by 24, get married by 26, have kids by 28, retire by 60...blah blah blah. 2014/2015 was an insane year and a half for me. I got engaged, planned a wedding, got married, had a honeymoon, trained for a fitness competition, won the fitness competition, studied and earned my emergency training (1A, 1B, Resus/ACLS), earned my Trauma Nursing Core Course and my Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course AND for shits and giggles earned by NSCA- personal training certificate. I even started 2016 off with a bang by creating my own personal training business.

I plan to a tea. I set goals and see them through. I believe that by doing this I am living life full throttle. 

2016 threw me one hell of a curve ball. It taught me an aspect of living full throttle that I'd forgotten. It taught me the importance of sometimes letting plans give way to spontaneity. Allowing life to take over. Allowing myself to go with the flow. I'm not saying that we should stop planning our lives out, but I'm saying that we should allow life's moments to temporarily derail us....because it is in those moments that we end up in a random temple, with random people, throwing flowers in the air. 

This is what 'You Are A Badass' recommends:

  • Talk to strangers, we're all family on this planet. (Side note, ever notice how strangely uplifted you feel after conversing with a stranger?)
  • Expect, and enjoy, the unexpected.
  • Find the humor. 
  • Join the party. 
  • Live in the moment. 
  • Time spent enjoying yourself is never time wasted. 
  • Share your space.
  • Loosen your bone, Wilma.

So. Here's to unexpected late nights, last minute adventures and seeing what life has to offer when you throw away the schedule. 

As always, feedback welcome.