A Sunday Spent Stretching

Oh, Sundays! Although I believe in the whole "a Sunday well spent brings a week of content" mantra I also believe that that quote should come with a disclaimer. Sometimes a Sunday well spent is spent doing NOTHING, so if that's you today enjoy lounging around while reading this blog post...it might just inspire you to have a kick-ass Monday. 

I definitely hit the floor running today. Here is a look at my Sunday (so far)...:

  • Filled up the tank (ate breakfast)
  • Olympic lift practice (cleans and pulls today)
  • Refueled (more food)
  • Ran 5K
  • Stretched
  • Refueled (more food...)

This is how I ended up here...writing this blog post. I figured I would share a snippet of this morning's stretch that I did post-5K run. The combo of deep squats and then outdoor running left my hips especially tight. In order to resume training tomorrow I need to make sure I'm working on mobility and flexibility.

Here are a few of my favourite stretches

  1. Downward dog
  2. Hamstring Stretch into Lizard Lunge
  3. Lizard Lunge with Rotations & Reach
  4. Frog Stretch
  5. Needle Thread
  6. Butterfly Stretch


I'll leave it at that...short and sweet! 

Happy Sunday :)