Camping: The Big Whiteshell

Camping: The Big Whiteshell

Camping this past weekend felt like a return to something that both my husband and I enjoy very much. We have camped before, but fell out of it with the demands of home ownership and planning a wedding. I would've loved to have camped earlier this year, but my health at the time didn't allow me to plan into the future. 

We were finally able to book a camping trip this past weekend out in The Big Whiteshell. Our first night camping was a comedy of errors. We didn't know our camp site (whoops!), it was dark and raining when we arrived (just our luck) and we set up our camper (that we'd never set up before) not once (whoops! Wrong site!), but twice..with the help of just one measly little flash light. Lesson learned! 

How I Kept Camping Healthy

I did my usual "pinterest search" for easy camping recipes only to find that a lot of the recipes included plenty of Pillsbury dough, cheese and butter. All delicious things, but perhaps left to a treat once in a while. I did a bit of planning for the foods that we would eat, but made sure to allow for normal camping foods because what is the fun in camping if you're living out of tupper ware containers?


Here is a look at what we ate. I pre-cooked the hashbrowns for breakfast that way we would only need to warm it up while camping. Other than that all of our food required no prep and allowed us to spend more time enjoying camping instead of prepping foods.  

  • Breakfast: Sweet potato & apple hash with eggs and coffee
  • Snack: Dried fruit & nuts
  • Lunch: Cheese, crackers & salami (cheese did find its way into my day...darn delicious)
  • Snack: Katy's Kookies - Naturally Lean Bars
  • Dinner: Chicken or beef and either salad or veggie kabobs
  • Snack: Beet chips or sweet potato chips

I only share this to help give others some ideas for healthier options to eat while camping. I did eat an ice cream one night too.. a Magnum double caramel bar. Is it just me or are those bars getting smaller?! 

Staying Active

We went on two different hikes. Neither of these were difficult. The first hike we did was the The Big Whiteshell Trail (1.5 km). I was surprised to be a bit out of breath on this one! It was hot and there was a bit of an incline, so I'm blaming being winded on that.

I also did my 22 push-up challenge while up on the rock. 

The next day we did the trails at Jessica Lake lodge and walked around Rainbow Falls. The trail at the lodge are very easy and we did them in about an hour. 

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

As always, feel free to comment and give your feedback.